Live from Lebanon with Georges Saad

of the Lebanese Association of Philosophy of Law

International Association of Free Thought: The demonstrations in Beirut and throughout Lebanon are important and determined. Who are the demonstrators and what are they demanding?

Georges Saad

Georges Saad: It is almost an insurrection, a « true revolution » as Bakunin said (revolutionary spontaneity). People are tired of waiting, of believing in corrupt leaders. The Lebanese no longer want General Aoun, who has done nothing so far for three years. A country where people no longer hesitate to talk about their starvation. (more…)

What’s going on in Chile?

Antonio Vergara Lira

Isla Negra (Chile), 24 October 2019.

A. Vergara Lira

I would like to share some personal opinions, those which coincide with various press articles, Spanish and French, which seem to me to be serious.

What is happening in Chile today?

Without getting into the most serious problem, because in Chile, the political constitution of the Republic adopted under the dictatorship of Pinochet – in 1980 – is still in force, which could not be seriously amended, because a very high quorum is required in Parliament. Pinochet’s right wing with its 30% prevents it, among other measures that affect the country’s democracy. (more…)

All the light must be shed on the crimes of the Catholic Church

The Vatican can no longer do anything about it: the scandal can no longer be suppressed, the witnesses are talking, the wall of silence is definitely broken. The Catholic Church is responsible for thousands of crimes, rapes, harassment, physical and mental torture of thousands of children, not only by not denouncing those who commit them, but by protecting them and most often leaving them in a position to commit them again. That is why Libre Pensée requires that all archives concerning these cases be made public and that human justice be respected. (more…)