The International Association of Free Thought (IAFT) was founded in Oslo in 2011. Its statutes were adopted in Mar Del Plata (Argentina) in 2012 and amended at the London Congress in 2014.

For legal convenience its statutes were deposited in France in the form of an association law of 1905

The head office of AILP is located in Paris (France), 10/12 rue des Fossés-St-Jacques (75005)

Purpose of the association:

The purpose of the International Association of Free Thought is to coordinate the actions and principles of member associations at the international level, within the framework of the strict respect of their independence and their management autonomy.

It may undertake any initiative it deems necessary, in accordance with its principles and by decision of the International Council. (Article 3)

Declaration of Principles:

All associations and persons sincerely attached to secularism, democracy, freedom of thought and conscience, guaranteed by the necessary separation of State Churches and religions, can and are invited to join AILP.

The International Association of Free Thought endorsed, at its founding congress of 10 August 2011 in Oslo, Norway, the three resolutions adopted at the 1904 International Congress in Rome, which are attached as principles of AILP.


The International Association of Free Thought is administered by an International Council composed of representatives of the member associations. There is one representative per association per 500 members, but their number may not exceed 10 per association. The International Council may co-opt personalities or individual members.

The International Council meets in principle at least once a year, normally at the time of the General Assembly of the IHEU (International Humanist and Lay Union). The representative delegations of the Associations to the International Committee are annual.

The expenses inherent to the arrival of the delegates of the Associations adhering to the meetings of the International Council, are the responsibility of the said Associations.

The International Council can take decisions by postal or electronic mail.

Legal representative :

The legal representative of the association in France is Roger Lepeix 10/12 rue des Fossés-St-Jacques 750005 Paris (France)

Website :

The association’s website is, owned by AILP

It is hosted by the ticetoile association, a group of private law – Marne la Coquette

European regulations (RGPD)

To comply with the European regulation RGPD (General Regulation of data protection computerized) entered into application May 24, 2016, the International Association of Free Thought designates as controller Claude Singer as webmaster
Its address is located at the AILP headquarters 10/12 rue des Fossés-St-Jacques, 75 005 Paris.

Anyone concerned has the right to ask for rectification and erasure of their personal data.

The controller must inform of any changes, deletions or limitations of the personal data.

Regarding the data collected via the subscription to the newsletter, we specify that – according to the regulations in force:

• is only kept the email address

• this address will never be communicated to a third party, whatever the reason, except for situations provided for by law (security, defense, …)

• at any time subscribers to the newsletter may request rectification or erasure of their data, either by using the unsubscribe link, or by writing to the webmaster to an email confirmation of modification or deletion will be sent