Extract from the letter of ALIPHID (member of AILP)

The Lebanese Association of Philosophy of Law (ALIPHID), member of AILP, thanks the activists and leaders of the National Federation of the Free Thought (France) for the 800€ they have raised by subscription and sent us. Indeed, without this money, we would not have been able to set up our website (aliphid.over-blog.com), nor to publish our first online newsletter. We are in a learning phase, but to train volunteers capable of feeding and maintaining these means of communication, the only ones that can be used because of the confinement, the collapse of the currency and the economic, social… and food crisis, we had to pay a few people. Out of pocket expenses, subscriptions, wi-fi cable, computer repairs, have taken the rest. We cannot, in the current conditions, apply for membership fees : the Lebanese pound continues to depreciate, people can’t eat (even, from now on, in the middle class). This is why we still need international support to spread the ideas of secularism and equality that are yours and ours. »


And our friends conclude :

We suggest that you broadcast this call and share it with to all our supporters, of Lebanese origin or not, who will be able to read our positions on our website. »

AILP can only welcome the fact that one of the member associations now has a very comprehensive site and a newsletter that will become regular, in the extremely difficult circumstances – of which their letter only partially reports – in which they are placed. Confinement, physical threats, food insecurity are the lot of Lebanese freethinkers.

Due to the banking situation in Lebanon, we propose to those who wish to do so to send their donations via the French FNLP to the following account:

Bank: Crédit Agricole Ile de France.

Account : La Libre Pensée -Federation Nationale Libres Penseurs

IBAN FR76 1820 6002 0665 0276 5558 592


(mention « Lebanon »)

For AILP: George SAAD (spokesman), Christian EYSCHEN (spokesman), Michel GODICHEAU (member of the International Council)