The publication of the list of immatriculated goods by the Catholic Church, between 1998 and 2015, as a result of a legal breach that has allowed the registration in the name of the Catholic Church of the historical heritage of religious origin has been accompanied by a shameful government report in which it sanctions the spoliation committed by the Church Catholic and washes his hands by allowing the plundering of heritage assets such as the Mosque of Cordoba or La Giralda of Seville or the Cathedral of Burgos.

Europa Laica denounces the apathy and complicity of the majority of the political community in this whole process, which is undoubtedly the result of the religious remorse that still persists in the public sphere.

The government, by sanctioning the legality of the entire process of immatriculations and deferring the litigation on the historical heritage of religious roots to the municipalities or people is complicit in a monumental plunder because the historical heritage of public domain is not negotiates or litigates in court.

Europa Laica calls on the political community to seek normative formulas to declare null all immatriculations made without sufficient title and in particular the historical heritage of religious roots, which must be affected to the public domain as it has been until this disapproval has been allowed by the State.

Europa Laica, as long as no measures are taken to declare immatriculations null and void, urges the government to reclaim all immatriculations belonging to the historical heritage of religious origin and urges the Minister of Culture, responsible for the custody of the inventory of historical heritage, to reclaim all the immatriculated property listed in that inventory.

We also call on the parliamentary groups and the Government itself to urgently present a reform of the law on historical heritage to give a definitive solution to the protection of the historical heritage of religious origin, affecting the public domain, as is the case in all the countries of Europe and taking charge of their cultural management, regardless of the liturgical use they may have.

Finally, Europa Laica denounces the role played by the Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo since, since she took office, she seems more like a minister of the Catholic Church than of a secular government.