“If former Humanist Taslima Nasrin were not stuck with attention seeking, hate mongering and self promotion, she would have joined the extreme groups of the right wing.” How does this sound? At one time her courage in defending Human Rights was inspiring, and after she had to flee Bangladesh, the Read more…

AILP fights for freedom of conscience

One step forward… Sudan: towards a secular State. A popular revolution born in December 2018 brought an end to a military-religious dictatorship that began after a coup in 1989. Dictatorship had forbidden political parties and trade unions, established an awful dictatorship, delivered the already particularly poor country to internal and Read more…

Call in three languages

Call in three languages

Llamamiento en tres idiomas

Appel en trois langues

(actualisé le 16 décembre 2019)


For working internationally on the history of Free Thought

The undersigned, attached in different capacities to the study of the history of Free-Thought, secularism, rationalism and democracy, met 22 June 2019 in Paris on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the foundation of IRELP [Institut de Recherches et d’Etudes de la Libre Pensée]. (more…)

Belgium and France: A joint statement by the CLP/KVD (Belgium) and The FNLP (France)

The Circle of Free Thought


The National Federation of Free thought

Constitution, secularism and public funding of religions

An international call by personalities has been published for the fiftieth anniversary of the Belgian Center of Secular Action, which was born in 1969. The congress was held in Liège, a traditional fiefdom of Free Thought, then here is “the call from Liège, for a universal secularity”.

Both our associations (CLP/KVD and FNLP) have read about this call in the press and have studied it with interest. French Free Thinkers expressed some surprise when they noticed the presentation of the call was sponsored by Mr. François Hollande, the former president of the French Republic. Belgian Free Thinkers had the same surprise when they understood that one of the distinguished signatories was Mr. Elio di Rupo who was the Prime Minister of the Belgian Monarchy for several years. (more…)