2017-09-24: Declaration of the IAFT Council

Declaration of the IAFT International Council “Violence and Religions” On the occasion of the recent tragic events in Paris, Brussels, London, Barcelona, Cambrils, Charlottesville, Sorgout, Turku, Bengalore; the International Council of the International Association of Free Thought insists on repeating its historic and traditional positions: Any monotheistic religion with their Read more…

2016-12-09, Madrid, Meeting of European IAFT Organizations

EUROPEAN MEETING ORGANIZATIONS MADRID, FRIDAY 9 DECEMBER 2016 “INTERNATIONAL DAY OF SECULARISM AND FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE” SECULARISM IN THE MUNICIPALITIES Venue: ATENEO DE MADRID – 21 Prado Street All information and registration to participate: : https://laicismo.org/2016/el-laicismo-en-los-ayuntamientos-encuentro-europeo-en-madrid-el-9-de-diciembre-dia-internacional-del-laicismo/153105 Questions, contact : europalaica@europalaica.org