All the light must be shed on the crimes of the Catholic Church

The Vatican can no longer do anything about it: the scandal can no longer be suppressed, the witnesses are talking, the wall of silence is definitely broken. The Catholic Church is responsible for thousands of crimes, rapes, harassment, physical and mental torture of thousands of children, not only by not denouncing those who commit them, but by protecting them and most often leaving them in a position to commit them again. That is why Libre Pensée requires that all archives concerning these cases be made public and that human justice be respected. (more…)

 Joint Declaration on Free Thought (France) and the National Secular Society (United Kingdom)

Church Crimes and paedophilia: The Church must be accountable to the Justice of men!

A new week, A new Cardinal condemned. On 7th March, the highest official of the Catholic Church in France, the Archbishop of Lyon Philippe Barbarin, was condemned for not reporting the repeated sexual abuses committed by priests on 70 minors. Philippe Barbarin was sentenced to six months in prison with a suspended sentence. He will appeal, but nevertheless indicated his resignation to the pope. (more…)

Keith Porteous Wood : Orphelinats religieux d’Irlande : les ossements de nombreux bébés retrouvés à Tuam, Comté de Galway

Après les dernières révélations quant à la découverte de restes humains dans une institution religieuse accueillant des mères irlandaises et leurs bébés, Keith Porteous Wood, Directeur Exécutif de la National Secular Society, s’interroge sur comment de telles atrocités ont-elles pu se produire à une telle échelle et sur ce qu’il Read more…