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International Association of Free Thought

Judicial stalking in the Holy See

Our friends of the Federation of Free Thought “Giordano Bruno” (Italy) inform us of the following facts : two Italian journalists, Gianluigi Nuzzi, 46, and Emiliano Fittipaldi, 41, are charged with having used confidential documents of the Holy See in two books published simultaneously on Nov. 5 about Vatican secret financial operations.

With others, they are charged with “organized criminal activity.”

G. Nuzzi highlights the fact that the Holy See has no law “to protect the press and its sources.”

These are not the persons responsible for the embezzlement that are brought to Vatican “justice”, but those who reveal such misappropriations!

As always with the Holy See, this is the lead weight of silence.

This happened also with the archives concerning the case of Tuam Convent in Ireland. The 5th AILP Congress, in Montevideo, Uruguay, asked to be received at the Holy See on this matter. The International Association of Free Thought hasn’t received, to this day, any response to this request.

Does the Holy See have something to hide?

We recommend that the journalists do not voluntarily submit to Vatican justice and call on the Italian authorities to resist any attempts to extradite them to the Vatican. The Vatican refused to extradite Josef Wesolowski even when there was a strong evidence of him having committed acts that were unlawful in both the Dominican Republic and the Vatican.

The International Association of Free Thought assures the journalists Nuzzi and Fittipaldi of its support and asks for the disclosure of all measures against them.

Paris, 25th December 2015

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