Declaration of the International Association of Free Thought against draft legislation banning abortion in Poland


Responding to pressure from the Catholic Church, a draft law which would ban abortion in Poland has been tabled in Parliament with the support of the government. The current law allows termination of pregnancy in only three cases: when the life and health of the mother is at risk, when a prenatal examination reveals a serious and irreversible pathology in the embryo, and when the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest.

But now, the proposed legislation would institute a complete ban on abortion. The draft bill would also penalize doctors and other abortion practitioners with prison terms of up to five years. This is an exceptionally serious violation of democratic rights and women’s rights. Many other countries could follow its example.

Thousands demonstrate in Warsaw against plans for a total ban on abortion,
3 April 2016 — © JANEK SKARZYNSKI

The International Association of Free Thought, because it has always been committed to women’s rights and because it has always supported the Polish people in defending their liberties, explicitly condemns this draft legislation and asks that the Polish government abandon it. The IAFT affirms its complete solidarity with our Polish friends fighting against this draft legislation.

With this declaration, the International Association of Free Thought assumes its responsibilities, communicates this declaration to the Polish authorities and asks in particular to be received by the Polish Embassy in Paris. It also encourages the various IAFT affiliate groups to do likewise in their respective countries.

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