Founding Meeting, 2011-08-10

Table of Contents

  1. Appeal for an International Association of the Free Thought
  2. Marc BLONDEL, Opening Address, President of French National Federation of Free Thought
  3. Sonja EGGERICKX, President of IHEU
  4. Jacques LAFOUGE
    The struggle for the separation of religions and states across the world
  5. Keith Porteous WOOD
    National Secular Society, Great Britain
    Council Prayers
  6. Antonio Vergara, Chile
  7. Monica Cecilia RODRÍGUEZ E., Chile, Cultural Centres “Valentín Letelier” & “Pythagore”
  8. Dr. Alfredo LASTRA, Secularism in Chile’s institutional life
  9. Dr. Marcelo V. LLOBET, Secularism and Free Thought, President of Secular Institute of Contemporary Studies of Argentina
  10. Elbio Laxalte Elbio TERRA, Free Thinker, Uruguay
  11. Messages of support from Latin America
    1. Mexico: Cesar Verduga VÉLEZ, Latin-American Association of Free Thought
    2. Ecuador: Ramon Torres PAZMIÑO, Ecuadorian Cultural Centre:
    3. Chile: Guillermo Brown FERNÁNDEZ, Latin-American Association of the Free Thought
    4. Peru: Manuel PAZ y MIÑO, Atheist Association of Peru
    5. Ecuador: Guillermo FUCHSLOCGER MANTILLA, Eugenio Espejo Cultural Centre
    6. Free Thinkers and Freemasons of the Republic of Ecuador
    7. Venezuela, Miguel LEÓN PRADO
    8. Colombia, Luis PENAGOS
    9. Chile, Santiago Escobar SEPÚLVEDA
    10. Chile, Vittorio ARIETE, Pythagorus Cultural Centre
    11. Bolivia, Sucre, Fredy TORRICO
  12. Charles SUSANNE, The Threats of Creationism Belgium
  13. Albert RIBA, President of the Union of Atheists and Freethinkers, Spain
  14. Nina SANKARI, Poland
  15. Valentin ABGOTTSPON, Switzerland
  16. Dr. VIJAYAM, Atheism in 21st Century, Executive Director, Atheist Centre, India
  17. Ulrike TIETZE, Bund gegen Anpassung (Alliance Against Conformity), Germany
  18. Bobbie KIRKHART, World Atheism in the 21st Century: A Challenge and a Promise, USA
  19. David SILVERMAN, President, American Atheists, Inc.
  20. Georges SAAD, Secularism in Lebanon, Member, Executive Committee, Lebanese Association of Philosophy of Law; Professor, Lebanese University
  21. Tanya SMITH, Atheism in the 21st Century, President, Atheist Alliance International
  22. Hugo ESTRELLA, Italy/Argentina, The New Protocols of the Elders of Zion: Eurabia
  23. Valerii KUVAKIN, Russia, President, Russian Humanist Society; Director, Center for Inquiry-Russia; Editor in Chief, Common Sense magazine
  24. Max WALLACE, Proposal for an International Campaign concerning Churches and Public Funds, Australia New Zealand Secular Association (ANZSA)
  25. David RAND, President, Atheist Freethinkers, Canada
  26. Babu GOGINENI, International Director, IHEU, India
  27. Maryam NAMAZIE, Great Britain, The fight for free thought is a historical task and duty
  28. Christian EYSCHEN, France, The International Association of Freethought)
  29. Roger LEPEIX, France, Presentation of the IHEU/IAFT Protocol
  30. Draft of a Protocol between IHEU and IAFT
  31. Foundation of the International Association of Freethought (IAFT) (at the initiative of the International Liaison Committee of Atheists and Freethinkers)
  32. The Freedom of Conscience Manifesto
  33. Signatories of the Manifesto
  34. Resolution of the IAFT addressed to the Spanish authorities on the occasion of the Pope’s visit

The proceedings of the meeting are available as a PDF document (about 1,1 Mb).