Programme of the 4th Congress of the IAFT
London 11th August 2014

At Conway Hall, freethinkers from around the world will come together once again to debate and act for church/state separation; for justice for victims of religion; and against the public financing of churches.

Here is the draft programme for the meeting of August 11th 2014:

09:30: Chaired jointly by Antonio Vergara (Chile), Fernando Lozada (Argentina) and David Silverman (USA), IAFT spokespersons, and with the participation of David Gozlan (France), the following speakers will address the meeting:

  • Keith Porteous Wood, Executive Director of the National Secular Society (NSS) of Great Britain and IAFT spokesperson, will speak on the struggle against church crimes and for justice for its victims.
  • Nina Sankari (Poland), Maria Montello (Italy), Francisco Delgado (Spain) as well as Fernando Lozada (Argentina), IAFT spokesperson, will discuss the situation in their respective country.
  • Christian Eyschen (France), IAFT spokesperson, will summarize and make concluding remarks and will propose a solemn declaration to be made by the IAFT.

12:00-14:00: Meeting of the IAFT International Council.

14:00: International Meeting on Church/State Separation

Chaired jointly by Jean-Sébastien Pierre (France), Keith Porteous Wood (Great Britain), Christian Eyschen (France) and David Rand (Canada), IAFT spokespersons, the following speakers will address the meeting:

  • David Gozlan (France)
  • Albert Riba (Spain), IAFT spokesperson
  • Elbio Alxate (Uruguay), IAFT spokesperson
  • Babu Gogineni (India)
  • Teresa Amorim (Portugal)
  • Térence Ndikumasabo (Burundi)
  • Léo Igwé (Nigeria)
  • Georges Saad (Lebanon)
  • David Silverman (USA), IAFT spokesperson
  • A freethinker from Belgium
  • Christian Eyschen (France), IAFT spokesperson, will present the conclusions of the work of the IAFT International Council

We invite all freethinkers to take part to this event and to support it financially.

We need your help to succeed.

For Church/State Separation!
Justice for Victims of Churches!
For Free Thought!
Join us in London on August 11th 2014

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