— Press Release —

Against the crimes committed by the churches, live from American Atheist Convention (Austin)

At the invitation of David Silverman, American Atheist President and one of the eight spokespersons of the International Association of Free Thought (IAFT), David Gozlan, General Secretary of the National Federation of Free Thought (France) and Member of the International Council of IAFT, attended the annual national Convention of American Atheist at Austin (Texas). That convention, marking the fiftieth anniversary of American Atheist, gathered hundreds of Atheists, Free Thinkers, Rationalists, non-believers, skeptics…The event was clear evidence of the real following of American Atheist in that country.

During that convention, David Gozlan introduced the international campaign of IAFT for justice for the victims of sex abuse perpetrated by the churches. He underscored the reality of the crimes committed by the churches, their extent but also the culpable silence of religious institutions. The example of the new Pope Francis, who had granted support to two Argentinian priests guilty of sex abuse against minors, was recalled.

That intervention was made in the framework of the three campaigns launched at the time of the foundation of IAFT at Oslo in August 2011. The other two campaigns are focused on “Separation between Religions and the States” and on “financing of religious institutions” (a.k.a. purple economy).

In so doing, IAFT decides to publicly expose the abuse which religious institutions are guilty of committing, hindering humankind’s happiness.

Austin, March 31, 2013