A Real International Solidarity of Free Thought

On the very day after the barbarian and obnoxious attack against the journalists of Charlie Hebdo, the international association of Free Thought released the following statement:


The International Association of Free Thought (IAFT), of which the French National Federation of Free Thought is a member, declares itself horrified by the murderous attack committed on the premises of Charlie Hebdo, French satirical newspaper.

This is a barbaric act which can only disgust any democrat, any advocate of freedom of conscience and freedom of expression.

The IAFT assures the journalists and staff of Charlie Hebdo of its complete solidarity.

The IAFT informs all free-thought associations on all continents.

Quite Naturally, the IAFT also paid tribute to all the victims of the murders that were perpetrated and caused 17 victims

Within hours and the following days, the appeal for solidarity of the International Association of the Free Thought was widely echoed by the associations of Free Thought across the world.

Messages and announcements from the following countries have reached us: Ireland, Poland, Italy, Portugal, USA, England, Ulster (Northern Ireland), Canada, Uruguay, France, Germany, Australia, Norway, Austria, Turkey, Lebanon, Argentina, Spain, Belgium, Quebec, Scotland.

Faithful to their historical tradition, Free Thinkers around the world, in complete independence, have marked their solidarity to the victims of barbarity.

Paris, January 12th, 2015

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