In Beirut for Secularism: A landmark event

The 13th and 14th of April 2012, the Lebanese Association of Philosophy of Law and the International Association of Free Thought organized in Beirut (Lebanon) a colloquium on secularism. For two days, a hundred participants debated issues of secularism, religion and the rule of law in Lebanon. This initiative was the result of a decision taken at the World Congress of Freethought in Oslo, 10th August 2011.

Members and even representatives of the major communities of Lebanon, as well as different national political forces came together to participate in a very productive debate with the participation of many members of the public, of various ages and diverse national origins.

Georges Saad (Lebanon), Roger Lepeix (France), David Rand (Canada) and Christian Eyschen (France), members of the International Council of the International Association of Free Thought, all addressed the gathering, giving national and international points of view on the issue of separation between religions and States.

Programme and Selection of Communications