Press release from the «Friends of Hypathy» (Greece) Members of the International Association of Free Though

This press release was published in Greek on 2020  March 9.)

Dozens of Greek Christian pilgrims were infected by the coronavirus during a trip to Israel, even though the accompanying priest had certified that communion could not infect them.

In France one of the first sources of contamination came from an evangelical gathering of several thousand people using rituals appealing to touch.

In Iran several hundred people were infected for the same reasons in Qom, the holy city of Shia Muslims. Worse: several religious dignitaries continued claiming that these rituals did not facilitate contagion.

Friends of Hypathy and free thinkers believe that it is up to science and medicine to say what are good practices to protect oneself; at the same time it is up to governments to take the necessary measures to protect citizens.

But it also means that funding should be directed towards hospitals and improving the health system rather than towards war and the hunt for refugees.

Join the Friends of Hypathy, members of the International Association of Free Thought.

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