Secular activists across the world know the name of the Italian Luigi Tosti.

Judge Luigi Tosti had refused to serve in a courtroom adorned with the crucifix. Justice should be equal for all, regardless of their opinion, religion or absence of religion.

Since September 2005, Judge Luigi Tosti has been the target of all sorts of repressive measures, including pressure from the administration and trials.

Consequently, he had been sentences to a 7 month term of imprisonment and barred from practising law for one year by the Court of Aquila, while his salary had been suspended by the High Judicial Council (November 2005).

It has been a long fight.

Since September 2005, Judge Luigi Tosti has been supported by secular activists of all countries.

Beyond the innumerable and continuous political and judicial attempts, notably based on the Mussolini Concordat of 1929, amended by Craxi in 1984, the ruling of the Court of Appeal of Aquila of July 5th, 2012 discharging Judge Luigi Tosti is a victory for all secular activists, all republicans all democrats, in Italy and in the world.

IAFT (International Association of the Free Thought) reminds that the International Manifesto adopted on August 10, 2011 at Oslo, at the founding Congress read that “the Churches continue to suppress and oppress people of conscience. The Churches haven’t changed” and mentioned: “The Italian Judge Luigi Tosti has been persistently waging a struggle to be fully reinstated in his position after being dismissed because he had refused to administer justice in a courtroom ornamented with a crucifix.”

For IAFT, this victory calls for more victories.

IAFT send their warmest greetings to Judge Luigi Tosti and, through him, to all the Italian Free Thinkers.

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