Message of the Association of the free thought French to the association of the free thought Italian homage to Giordano Bruno, 2016-02-17

Dear Companions and friends, there comes the greeting of the National Federation of Free Thought French (the Fédération Nationale de la Libre pensée (France)) at the time of this ceremony that commemorates that immense free thinker who was Giordano Bruno, martyr of Reason. Giordano Bruno had adopted the Copernican system, condemned by the church. Giordano Bruno had understood that the image of the celestial sphere was wrong and that the universe was infinite. There was an intellectual chain linking Copernicus to Giordano Bruno, then to Galileo Galilei and to John Kepler. From this grandiose movement of thought was created the Renaissance, that great cultural movement that had its origin in Italy before that in all other countries of Europe. Giordano Bruno was declared heretic and burnt alive, but, as you say so rightly, heresy is the right to free choice. It is the right to think independently. The movement of scientific research began again during the Renaissance and Giordano Bruno was a precursor. According to all religions, therefore, scientists are by virtue of heretics. With all our heart we turn all our wishes of success to your beautiful event on February 17, 2016 in Piazza di Campo di Fiori in Rome. With all our heart we support the affirmation of your willingness to put secularism more than ever at the centre of Italy's social and political life. Yes, secularism is one of the foundations of democracy! We also support your efforts to participate in international aspiration for separation between States and churches. We have no doubt that your homage "in the name of Giordano Bruno" is passionate and motivates everyone attending the ceremony. Come to you all our brotherly greeting!

Jean-Sébastien Pierre, president of the Fédération Nationale de la Libre pensée (France)

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