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The Congress of French Free Thought submits a proposal to all associations of Free Thought, Humanists, Atheists, Skeptics, Seculars to form an International Circle of Rationalist Exegesis to study dogmas and religions.
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Christian Eyschen, AILP spokesperson

Motion for the constitution of an International Circle of Rationalist Exegesis

Religions, especially monotheisms, are constantly seeking to establish and develop their hold on society. Through their ideology of submission, their apology of ignorance and obscurantism, their fierce condemnation of any desire for emancipation, the great religions, Christianity, Islam, Judaism without forgetting Hinduism, Buddhism, the great religions most often support the action of the powers in place and defend the dominant interests. Vatican Europe is a good example of this.

To escape the grip of religions, to advance towards its emancipation, both political and economic and social, Humanity has always needed to perfect its knowledge of the world and society. This is how she made the Human Reason the measure of all things.

The rational, scientific approach makes it possible to study everything and report to all people, whatever their country, their history, their beliefs, religious or not.

Religions present their founding texts as directly inspired by a divinity through a prophetic personality. This claim does not stand up to analysis. A careful and historical study of the texts proves that, often coming from several hands, their genesis includes a history, often several centuries long, that reflects very human tensions, power struggles, sects, antagonistic currents. What is heresy one day may become dogma later on. Rationalist exegetes have often paved the way for Free Thought and have been welcomed into its ranks (Renan, Turmel, Las Vergnas). From this point of view, religions and their dogmas are social and historical facts that, like any other historical and social facts, reflect the implementation of the rational approach.

Religions, and in particular the Catholic Church, have always fought to impose their own exegeses. However, scientific exegesis has finally imposed the validity of its approach and results. This study has always provided weapons against the influence of religions and their harmful influence in society.

It is the role of Libre Pensée, at the national and international levels, to support and encourage rationalist studies of religions, including their sacred texts. Today, rational exegesis, independent of religions, is facing difficulties, both nationally and internationally.

Libre Pensée therefore supports all researchers, organizations and institutions that continue to advance science in these fields. It proposes to try to promote the conjunction of everyone’s efforts.

That is why the FNLP decides:

– to propose to the AILP the creation of an International Circle of Rationalist Exegesis,

– to launch a call now to all those who may feel concerned by this initiative, in France and elsewhere, to organise together a public event to be defined.

One proposal could be to prepare for 2020/2021 an International Symposium, where rationalist studies on the history and activity of the main religions of today will be presented. The Autumn NAC will be able to give practical content to this proposal.

Adopted unanimously

Anyone or any association interested in this project can contact the IAFT at :

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