Dear Friends of the International Association of Free Thinkers

Since July 2010, I have had the pleasure of working in South America, by the
special request of the Free Thinkers of France, to promote the above congress, asking for the advice of local free thinkers and for their support for this exciting project.

With great pleasure, I can inform you that more than 100 men and women in South America joined the project.

Large public meetings were organised during this year of work, in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and

I am meeting a number of you at this event, as the representative of various secular organisations and important cultural centres. I am sending you the support and best wishes from around 50 intellectuals, teachers, and young people, generally men and women who would like to be involved with the creation of international free thinking groups. I have included their names and email addresses, as well as their various ideas and greetings.

At a later date, I will send, to the Meetings Secretariat, the publications that are at present being developed and written in the above-mentioned countries.

In brief, the secular movement in South America is very engaged in the creation of an international
association. It is understood that a joint effort of free thinkers will be very important, to achieve the
separation of the State from the Church and to conduct profound research on universal truth and

Finally, I would like to tell you that the following people came to the meeting, as well as the
speaker: the Chilean journalist Monica C. Rodriquez, from the cultural centres ‘Valentin Letelier’
and ‘Pythagoras’ in Santiago; the lawyer, Marcel V. Llobet, President of the Secular Institute of
Contemporary Studies of Argentina; and the university professor, Alfredo Lastra, of the University of the Secular Institute of Contemporary Studies of Chile.