The New Protocols of the Elders of Zion: Eurabia
The contemporary conspiracy theory that causes death and terror in Europe

The latter years of the 19th Century were the time for brewing revolutions against an order, unfair and authoritarian, all over Europe. Tensions were more evident where the situation was worse, and it was the Russian Empire, the one that had the most conservative structures and most evident social divide. The Czarist police came out with a fraud that is still circulating around the world as a proof of a conspiracy of the Jews and the Freemasons to secretly spread terror and by controlling wealth and certain aspects of economy, cease the real global power. Umberto Eco’s latest novel
goes brilliantly through that libel and its way of presenting subjects to become credible for the prejudiced-and scared- people who read it. The result of the widespread reproduction of the Protocols went far beyond the Czar’s system, and the revolutions of 1905 and 1917, as well as those of the Spartakists etc. made it match the fear towards Communism being it identified with the Jews. And it was not, of course, a minor role the one that the Protocols played in the Holocaust and in all types of Anti-Judaism around the world. It had strong supporters, as Henry Ford or Joe


Now, when the State of Israel is a reality, and the Jews are a fully integral part of the Contemporary Western society, other fears are being exploited in order to keep under control a high level of conflict in our unfair and growingly authoritarian societies. Now, the most visible minority in our cities, and the usually pauperised one, apart from Rom, are the people coming from North Africa.

A conspiracy theory, practically equal to the above-described has been brewing racism and becoming the mainstream ideology for contemporary right wing in Europe and the USA, fuelling even racist laws that, unfortunately, have not been consistently opposed by the Liberals, Humanists and Freethinkers’ organizations.

For years and years this theory, that sees in every immigrant from a North African or Near Eastern country a threat to our freedom, has been espoused by the conservative Christians, the far right wing populist politicians (in Northern Europe even the Neo Nazis), the Judeo Christian lobby pro Israel/anti Palestinian, and a plethora of bloggers who seem to find a new confirmation of the surrender of European Freedom, every time that very freedom is ensured by national or European courts.

It would be stupid to affirm Islamists are not a threat, as any other militant religion willing to influence the state policies. The US are using Bible verses to train their soldiers in the use of nukes, the Tea Party promotes Biblical views as a part of the country agenda; Switzerland bans the building of Mosques contrary to the spirit of Freedom of Religion and Italy or the Netherlands impose more and more restrictions for asylum seekers, even negotiating outrageous violations to the Asylum law, paying Gaddafi to put in jail, torture and subject to slavery those immigrants whose boats were expelled from Italian waters breaching all kinds of international Humanitarian laws.
Moreover, ethnic cleansing is starting to be applied, banning nationality to people born in the soil of European countries, banning right to inherit for couples composed by a European and a new comer, etc., etc. Forgive me for this comparison, but it’s not banality to compare such provisions to the Italian and German racial Laws, if not to the “quotas” from the times of the Austro Hungarian Empire, applied to Jewish youngsters going to school or University.


The European obsession with Muslim population goes even beyond, and the incapacity to deal with diversity leaves little chance for people coming from Muslim majority countries to socialize and integrate, and force them into ghettos, where the religious dominance is supported by a cheap concept of Multiculturalism. The right wing expels, and the pseudo progressive left, builds ghettos in culturalist assumptions that betray the very Marxist analysis of power structure and power distribution inside any society.

So, immigrant escaping from religious intolerance and authoritarianism are forced into religious intolerance and authoritarianism in the very liberal societies that were supposed to offer them equality, freedom and self-independence. The case of women inside those groups is a token of most governments’ inability to deal with diversity and integration.

Bat Ye-or a pseudonym for a militant rabid Zionist, the mediocre writer and pseudo political analyst, modifies facts in order to make them match her thesis -as Holocaust negationists and all of conspiracy theorists- first came up with the Eurabia theory espoused by the already decadent and sick Oriana Fallacci in 2004. Mrs David Littman, the real name of Ye’or, is a representative of the most conservative and sophisticated militant racism of our time. Disguised under the poor sociopolitical concept of the clash of civilizations, consistent with the Bush Era, to which she and
Fallacci paid tribute in constant justification of the permanent state of war, the denial of the Israeli occupation and the total discomfort with the Oslo Peace Agreements, Littman has nursed a stream of hate, hate speech and discrimination against migrants all over Europe. Her original agenda, to promote the conservative US/Israeli axis against Human Rights based EU policies, has triggered a revival of Neo Nationalism /Neo Fascism, calling for a new crusade against Islam, and all Arabs, Turks and diverse people from the typical white German Northern European. In short, she is a key player in the renewed European Fascist and white supremacy.

As an Islamophobe myself, as a Christianophobe, and any religion or “superstition-phobe”, I am not at all moved by the idea of defending Islamic creed, quite the contrary. I strongly advocate, and hope the participants of our movement agree with me, for a total and complete secularization of ALL SOCIETIES. I think there’s an inherent racism in considering that people born in India are bound to be Hindu ,those born in Morocco are bound to be Muslim, or the Latin American are to be considered Roman Catholic…what a poor view of Humans that is! I advocate for full and deep Human Freedom, against what the courageous Iranian born feminist, Azar Majedi, has named “Gender Apartheid” a commonplace of most religions, and am against all kind of dualistic understanding of Nature and Humanity. But as a Secularist, I am here to turn Freedom of thought and Religion into a political agenda. So, first I have to defend the right of people to believe whatever they want. Second, I have to distinguish inside the community or the sect who is able to understand what that belief entitles and to ensure that the rights of all, starting with children to use
their reason, are respected. And third, as a non-believer, I have to develop options, societal options for those who don’t want to be part of a religion any more, but feel the need to have an ethical framework which we can develop according to nature, to history, to our place in the evolutionary sphere.

Tracing new divides, building conspiracy theories, blessing holy wars and creating societies with second and third class citizens is abhorrent, sick and the root for violence.

We, as Humanists, have to acknowledge our debt in denouncing Neo Fascist propaganda, in confronting intolerance, and in allowing that the main streaming racist concept of a society that feels invaded, builds up monsters that feel entitled to take weapons for killing those who stand for the right cause, for a true understanding of Humanity and for integration of diversity into a Modern, freedom based society.

We can and must distinguish, not every Arab is a Muslim, not every Muslim is an Arab, and not every immigrant is a supremacist or anything else. Is a normal person who suffers to the point of leaving behind his or her birthplace, language, family and friends, in search of dignity, jobs, education and Freedom? Aren’t we able to offer that minimum?

By acting in dismantling conspiracy theories, intolerance and ignorance we pay great service to Humanity. It’s the best honour we can pay to the recent victims of Christian racist hate in this wonderful country; the country of Friedjort Nansen and the Nobel Prize for Peace.

Acting as I propose, would at least give a sense to those children’s lives, to such a terrible tragedy, which we could have probably avoided had we been stronger in refusing to side with Mrs Littman and her followers.

Thank you.