Resolution supporting the establishment of an international association of free thought

We, Atheist Freethinkers, salute and support the creation of an international freethought association to promote secularism, freedom of conscience and critical thinking and to oppose obscurantism throughout the world. In accordance with the principles declared in our association’s Atheist Manifesto, we promote philosophical materialism, which implies atheism as well as the abandonment of all supernatural belief or religion and of any ideology closely akin to them. We are convinced that human compassion and empathy are crucial to improving the human condition. We are willing to work in collaboration with any group whose goals are compatible with ours, that is, which promotes secularism and which opposes the denigration of non-believers and of atheist activism. To that end, we suggest that the name of the new association include the word “atheist,” a word not to be feared because, after all, atheism is the inevitable consequence of freethought.