The International Association of Free Thought (IAFTAILP) takes action everywhere against the intrusion of religions and their symbols in the public sphere.

The IAFTAILP was founded in Oslo August 10, 2011. In its founding Manifesto for freedom of conscience, the issue of the coming of the Separation of churches and religions where it does not exist yet and its defence where it is threatened, is the fundamental action of free thinkers across the world.

The IAFTAILP notes that everywhere, on all continents, religions are trying to impose their law and their symbols in the public domain. This is a violation of people‘s freedom of conscience of the countries concerned.

This is for religions to impose their dogmas and their presence in the public sphere across the planet, on peoples and nations. The IAFTAILP rejects this religions’ ambition to dominate the world again. Their pasts is only a stream of blood and obscurantism that they raise against modernity, progress and freedom.

In Spain, the Association Europa Laica, IAFTAILP member, leads a resolute action against the decision of the Catholic Church to install 1,300 Christian crosses on the tops of Sierra de Guadarrama.

A group of Catholics climbs each year on a summit, as part of a trip that costs 10 euros per person. The faithful walkers climb the trails, carrying crosses, a representation of the Virgin, Spanish and Vatican flags. After which, they took pictures.

It should be noted that two new objectives have been added to the intentions set out in previous occasions: create Christians’ commitment and consistency against the “coming Islamic invasion“and the fight against”the liberal habituation that pervades society“. Thus, on August 9, at its fourth occasion, the tops of the Maliciosa (1,540 m), in the heart of Guadarrama National Park, was”crowned” by a four meter high cross.

In Saudi Arabia, the King’s Government sentenced the Saudi blogger Raif Badawi to 1,000 lashes in the public square and 10 years imprisonment. It is to show publicly, to everyone, that the religion of the Princes should be applied and that no criticism can be brought against it. The public sphere is thus exploited to impose Islamic Sharia to all.

We also know that in this country, of which a representative participated to the march for “freedom of speech” in Paris January 11, 2015, about the deadly attacks in France, there were 12 beheadings in 2014 in public place.

In the United States, the Association American Atheists, IAFTAILP member, take action in defense of the First Amendment of the Constitution which has been “a wall of separation between Church and State” (Thomas Jefferson – 3rd President of the USA). It objected to the erection of a large cross at Ground Zero in the museum dedicated to the victims of September 11, 2001, before the New York State Supreme Court.

American Atheists called the favourable decision of this Court “maintenance of the Christian privilege”. AA recently fought against the use of Christmas as feast of the Christian religion in public locations and denounces the crime of recurring blasphemy in this country.

In Argentina, after the election of Pope Francis, a campaign of permanent intrusion in the public sphere is organized by the Catholic Church. In response to this campaign, the Argentinian Coalition for a Secular State (CAEL) and one of its member organization, the Civil Association of Atheists of Mar del Plata, both IAFTAILP members, have launched a “secular municipalities Dra. Carmen Argibay” campaign. This is to help any secular organization to lodge an appeal for the removal of religious symbols in public buildings.

In Ecuador, in Quito, cultural centers, members of the IAFTAILP, note that all kind of gatherings are regularly organized around a huge cross erected for the visit of Pope Wojtila. They also denounce the presence of a statue of the Virgin in the patio of the Law Courts and that the armed forces have as patron saint the Virgin Mercedes.

In Uruguay, the AILP member organizations fight to prevent public funding of religious education, defend the law for voluntary termination of pregnancy and other illegitimate intromissions of religions in the public sphere.

In France, the Fédération Nationale de la Libre Pensée won lawsuits against the presence of Christian Nativity Scenes in official buildings of the French Republic. This caused major media debates where the Libre Pensée was opposed to religions (all united for the defense of the presence of their symbols in the public sphere) and politicians to their service.

Other trials and various actions are still pending against the will of the Catholic Church to mark public locations of its Christian symbols. But the land of Voltaire is waking up. The Libre Pensée is at the outposts of this action.

The International Association of Free Thought (IAFTAILP) is everywhere, on all continents for the Separation of Religions and States!