Argentina, 22 February 2021

Dear Friends:

First of all, we would like to salute the organizations that are fighting for secularism in Argentina.

We invite you (groups with or without legal status) to join OLA (Organizaciones Laicistas Argentinas) whose objective is to articulate actions aimed at demanding equal treatment of the State for all the equal treatment of the State for all, without distinction of beliefs or convictions.
We start from the fact that in our country the Roman Catholic Church enjoys economic, legal and symbolic privileges, legal and symbolic privileges and, consequently, non-Catholic minorities (religious or secular) are discriminated against.

In general, we invite you to form a body which, in addition to what is said in the preceding paragraph, is based on these foundations:

a) The unanimous recognition of justice in the demand for the total separation of the Catholic Church or any other religious body from the activities of the State, as a concrete expression of the fight against discrimination, and, in general, human rights recognized in the national Constitution and international treaties with constitutional hierarchy.

b) It is not possible to overcome the present state of injustice, to extend the privileges of the Catholic Church to other religious institutions.

c) A pact of personal respect for political, philosophical, religious and other ideas among those participating in the OLA, obliging each representative of the member groups to refrain – in this field – from any challenge based on them. This respect will imply mutual recognition that in other areas there may be insurmountable differences and that outside the agreements concluded in pursuit of the objectives – Participation in the OLA does not imply consent or approval of anything that is said or done outside of this sphere by other individuals or groups.

d) As an organizational guideline, it would be agreed to establish a pro tempore rotating coordination between the groups that make up OLA.

e) Consultants may be included in the OLA because of their subject matter expertise, experience or other relevant reasons for the case. or other useful reasons for the cause of the summons.

f) Agreements will be reached by consensus and problems will be resolved on the basis of the principle of good faith.

We look forward to your response, which may be sent through those who have sent you this invitation. greet you cordially.

  • Asamblea Permanente por los Derechos Humanos (APDH). Richard Ermili.
  • Coalición Argentina por un Estado Laico (CAEL), Ateos y Ateas de Mar del Plata y Asociación Internacional del Libre Pensamiento (AILP). Fernando Lozada
  • Campaña Nacional por un Estado Laico. Pablo Suarez.
  • Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir. María Teresa Bosio.
  • Coordinadora de la Asociación DDHH San Oscar Romero Isla Maciel. Susana Traversi.


  • No en mi nombre – Apostasía Colectiva. Andrés Miñones y Pao Lin Rafetta.
  • Fundación Mujeres x Mujeres. Sofía Gandur.
  • Identidad Marrón – Colectivo de Personas Marrones. Alejandro Mamani.
  • Abogadxs por los derechos sexuales (Abosex). Sofía Novillo Funes
  • Encuentro Federal de Abogades Laicistas. Marcos Arias Amicone y Carlos Ensink
  • Coordinadora de Abogadxs de Interés Público (CAIP). Francisco Verbic
  • No Matarás. María Daniela Sayago
  • Observatorio de Igualdad Religiosa (OIR). Alexis Kalczynski
  • Mujeres Trans Argentina (MTA). Thatiana Carmona.
  • Campaña Feminista por un Estado Laico. Analía Más
  • Organización de Pueblos Indígenas del Noroeste Argentino (OPINOA)
  • Federación Argentina de Lesbianas Gays Bisexuales y Trans (FALGBT) Jeremías Antelo.
  • Campaña Federal por la Separación Estado Iglesia. Taty Barranco,Leo Loto y Júpiter.
  • Fundación Ciudadanía Plena. Federico Müller.
  • Mesa por la Igualdad Neuquén. Adrián Urrutia.
  • Fundación para el Desarrollo de Políticas Sustentables (Fundeps). Mayca Balaguer.

The National Federation of Free Thought (France) welcomes the creation of the Coordination ALO (Argentine Lay Organizations).

ALO opposes the exorbitant privileges enjoyed by the Apostolic and Roman Catholic Church and sets itself ambitious and legitimate goals:

– to put an end to injustices and related discrimination, they are inherited from a bygone past,

– act to establish equality between all citizens by implementing the separation of churches and the state.

The National Federation stands by them and wishes them courage and determination.

Paris on 1 March 2021