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Warsaw Atheists commemorate Kaziemierz Lyszczynski, executed for blasphemy in 1689

Wednesday 3 April 2013

"As christians celebrate Easter throughout Poland, atheists today marched for a monument in Warsaw’s Old Town to commemorate nobleman Kaziemierz Lyszczynski, put to death in 1689 for blasphemy. A few dozen hardy souls turned out on a bitterly cold spring day on Easter Saturday in Warsaw’s Old Town to recall the story of one Polish nobleman who defied the Catholic clergy and paid with his life over three centuries ago.


Lyszczynski’s troubles started and his fate was ultimately sealed and doomed when a debtor of his came across a note he had written in a book on natural theology by Henry Aldsted. The four words jotted in Latin: “ergo non est Deus” (therefore God does not exist) were uncovered by Jan Kazimierz Brzoska, the nuncio of Brest. Unwilling to pay back the large sum of money he had borrowed from Lyszczynski, the clergyman instead gave the book with the blasphemous note to Bishop Witwicki of Poznan in order to discredit the nobleman as an atheist.


Lyszczynski was accused and convicted of denying the existence of God and blaspheming against the Virgin Mary and the saints. Condemned to death, in spite of such a sentence being in breach of laws regarding the nobility, he had his tongue pulled out before he was beheaded just before noon on 30 March, 1689 in the Old Town Market of Warsaw.


Lyszczynski is regarded as having penned the first comprehensive atheist Polish philosophical treatise...."

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