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Collective Apostasy in Mar del Plata, Argentina

Sunday 24 March 2013

"For the second consecutive year, the Civil Association of Atheists of Mar del Plata (Argentina) sponsored an apostasy table on March 24, 2013, at the Memory, Truth and Justice event.

Line Up Here to Renounce the Institution of the Church
“Line Up Here to Renounce the Institution of the Church”

Apostasy is the formal act of renouncing the institution of the Roman Catholic Church, just as one might leave a social club or a political party that one feels does not represent one’s interests.

Many citizens are members of the Roman Catholic Church without being aware of it. Baptism, in addition to being a religious ritual, is a formal act of institutional registration. Yet this action is usually taken before the person reaches the age of reason, before reaching a sufficiently mature age to decide whether one wishes to join a corporation having the Church’s values and history.

The reasons for apostasy are varied. Some people do so because they now belong to another religion. But the vast majority reject the Church because of its leadership’s collaboration with dictatorships, because of the enormous cost to the Argentine State (for salaries, pension privileges, etc.), because of child abuse and the cover-up of pedophilia, discrimination against LGBTQ community members, the Church’s lobbing against progressive laws dealing with sexuality and reproduction, its opposition to safe, legal, free abortion and its neverending efforts to clericalize the Argentine state.


Nationally, the Collective Apostasy movement ’Not in My Name’ has reached thousands of apostasies since 2009: www.apostasiacolectiva.org

Atheists of Mar del Plata celebrates the growing social awareness of the necessary separation between religion and public affairs, the secular state being the only platform that allows peaceful coexistence of all convictions and beliefs."

Apostasy table

Apostasy table

View online : Ateos Mar del Plata (Atheists of Mar del Plata)