Proceedings of the 7th IAFT’s Congress

Sunday 5 August 2018

Dear friends, dear comrades,

You will find attached the most complete report possible of the 7th AILP Congress held in Paris (France) in September 2017. Unfortunately, we were unable to obtain all the interventions in English.

We hope that this document will provide you with all the information necessary for a good understanding of the actions and positions of our Free Thought International.
In addition to the three permanent themes of action of the International Free Thought: for the Separation of Religions and States, for the non-public funding of religions and for justice to be rendered to the victims of the crimes of the Church: the International Congress Paris debated the defense of science, the right to die with dignity and the fight for equal rights for women.

In other words, this World Congress has been very rich in terms of diversity, quality, density and number of participants: 25 countries from five continents. It is an undeniable success.

This congress was also marked by the public will for action in common between the International Association of Free Thought (AILP), the European Humanist Federation (FHE), the Ethical and Ethical Humanist International (IHEU), the Committee of International Liaison of the Masonic Powers signatories of the Strasbourg Appeal (CLIPSAS) and the Center For Inquiry (CFI). This international rapprochement is a source of development for all.

AILP would like to thank all those who presented high quality and very diverse communications. In the opinion of many participants, there has always been interest in presentations and debates.

There was the AILP founding congress in Oslo (Norway) in 2011, then the Congress of Mar-del-Plata (Argentina) in 2012, Concepción (Chile) in 2013, London (United Kingdom) in 2014 , Montevideo (Uruguay) in 2015, Quito (Ecuador) in 2016 and finally Paris (France) in 2017.

This Paris congress marks a definite stage in the development of free thinking on all continents. The significant increase in spokespersons and members of the International Council shows the increased influence of the Free Thought in the world. And of course also in France.

No doubt the next international congresses will be well done.

To see you all and even more numerous.

Very friendly and fraternal.
Christian Eyschen, Spokesperson of the AILP.


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