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After the rights for the divorce and marriage for all;
the 8th amendment is repealed in Ireland :
A new sensational victory for the Irish people.

Tuesday 29 May 2018

The French National Federation of Freethought “La Libre Pensée” congratulates on the brilliant victory of YES, in more than 66 %, in the referendum organized on Friday, May 25th, 2018, to repeal the 8th amendment of the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland which prohibited de facto any abortion by protecting “the unborn child” in the name of his right to life “equal to that of the mother”. Abortion, liable to the life imprisonment between 1861 and 2013, and of 14 years of detention since then, is going to be so legalized in Ireland.

The bill published before the referendum plans that the abortion can be practised without justification during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy; until twenty four weeks in case of grave risk for the health of the mother; and then only in case of foetal anomaly.

The French Federation of Freethought sends its most brotherly greetings to the people of all Ireland, to all the democratic organizations, women’s rights groups, to the secular, humanist, atheist associations, who worked so that such a result is finally possible.

Once again, the Irish people pronounced. Once again, the Roman Catholic Church was defeated.

In September, 1983, the device of the Roman Catholic Church, still almighty, had managed to make vote in 66,9 % for the 8th amendment in the Constitution which forbade the abortion, even in case of rape or of incest, even if the baby suffered from deformation. Padlocked in the supreme law, the prohibition became impossible to cancel by the law.

In November, 1995, the Republic of Ireland became the last European country to legalize the divorce, by a weak margin of 0,6 %, which will become the 15th amendment in the Irish Constitution.

In May, 2015, the vote in favour of the marriage for all was a proof of the very strong reduction in influence of the Church.

In 2009, a devastating report concluded that the catholic hierarchy had systematically suppressed the physical and sexual abuses committed in several tens of schools and institutions that the principle of subsidiarity had confided to it. The omerta had lasted during decades. Recurring scandals of pedophilia, the discovery of children’s body and new born in Tuam, in 2014, profoundly changed the situation.
To the point that Mgr. Diarmuid Martin, archbishop of Dublin and one of the most eminent members of the clergy, declared in 2015 : " it is the social revolution which occurred (…). It is clear that if this referendum asserts the opinion of the young people, much remains to be done”

The only way for a united and secular Ireland : Separate the Church and State !

We wrote in an international press release, published on May 25th, 2015, on the occasion of the victorious referendum in more than 62 % establishing in Ireland the right for the marriage for all : “once crossed this first decisive step, it is advisable that the Republic of Ireland goes up to the end of the principle of equality. The abortion remains illegal in Ireland. The law always indicates that the mother and the unborn child have the same rights. It is the VIIIth amendment of the Constitution voted in 1983 by referendum by 67 % of the population. The people of Ireland must be able to vote again.”

The Irish people has voted. The Irish people pronounced without ambiguity.

While next August 25th and 26th, Irish Prime Minister, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar will welcome the pope in Dublin to close the “World Meeting of Families”, the time has come to amplify still this important success.

Liz O’ Donnell, TD, speaking in front of Dáil Éireann, the Parliament of the Republic in Dublin, declared November 9th, 2005: “The firm and expected respect which was the base(basis) of the relations between the State and the Roman Catholic Church with an extreme influences in terms of results has to stop absolutely”.

And Ivana Bacik, senator of the Labour Party, asserted in July 18th, 2010 : “The time has come of a campaign for a Secular Constitution which would represent the pluralistic character of the society”.

With the International Association of Freethought (IAFT-AILP) of which she belongs with all the secular, humanist, atheist associations which wish it, the French National Federation of Freethought intends to arrange no effort to help to be swept the last vestiges of the old Order by the strictest Separation of Churches and State, guaranteeing the most absolute freedom of conscience, only way for free and united Ireland.

Paris, May 28th, 2018

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