Democracy Under Threat in Poland!

Tuesday 8 December 2015

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Press Release, Committee For The Defence Of Democracy (KOD), Poland


Harassment of the founders of the Committee for the Defence of Democracy (KOD) has begun. Last night, there were hacker attacks against the bank accounts and on-line profiles, including Facebook, of Mateusz Kijowski, founder of KOD, one of the most recognized leaders of that initiative. This morning, another KOD leader and one of the most energetic and committed, Andrzej Miszk, had the lease of his business office terminated, effective immediately, with no reasonable justification. Throughout the world, this is the sort of method used by authoritarian governments against leaders and activists of civil society. Of course the authorities leave no “digital fingerprint,” but only the naïve could believe such harassment to be merely accidental. There is no doubt that the government will employ more brutal forms of repression in the near future.

We recognize that the only effective means to defend our leaders and activists of the KOD and other civic initiatives is to appeal to the public for protection. We therefore launch an appeal to all information media to disseminate information about the shocking events of which Mateusz Kijowski and Andrzej Miszk have found themselves targets. We appeal to all organisations of civil society to express their support by organizing protests against the repression whose victims today are the leaders of the Committee for the Defence of Democracy but which tomorrow may very well be directed against all independent initiatives and civic organisations.

Committee for the Defence of Democracy

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