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Bergoglio, a.k.a. the Pope, Must Be Held Accountable

Thursday 23 April 2015

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The International Association of Free Thought Holds To Account Mr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio a.k.a. Pope Francis

Mr. Bishop of Rome

By virtue of your position, you are the leader of all Catholics in the world and you are responsible for all Catholic bishoprics and all religious congregations falling within your religious affiliation.

You cannot be unaware of the appalling tragedy of the convent of Tuam in Ireland, where the world learned that skeletons of children and infants were discovered in a concrete tank, next to a Catholic convent in County Galway. Between 1925 and 1961, this place, the Sean Ross Centre, housed young single mothers who gave birth out of wedlock. Historian Catherine Corless, while conducting research on the archives of the former convent of Tuam, found that 796 children had been secretly buried without coffin or tombstone by the Sisters of Bon Secours Convent.

The Catholic congregation Notre Dame de Bon Secours, to which the convent of Tuam was affiliated and whose headquarters are in Paris, is totally reponsible. The Irish Catholic episcopacy had indicated that they will fully participate in establishing the truth and assisting the authorities.

The Fédération Nationale de la Libre Pensée, with the support of hundreds of French leading figures, challenged the Congregation du Bon Secours in Paris to open all of its archives to the authorities. The registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt officially confirmed that this request was indeed received. But the Congregation has remained silent ever since.

In light of this unacceptable silence, the French Libre Pensée has published and sent an open letter to Archbishop Georges Pontier, president of the Bishops’ Conference of France, asking him to demand that the Congregation open its archives. We also hold the acknowledgement of receipt of this letter.

Through the Catholic newspaper La Croix, in its Febuary 26th, 2015 edition, the Bishops’ Conference of France responded to the Libre Pensée: "the Congregation of the Sisters of Bon Secours de Notre Dame Auxiliatrice of Paris is a congregation of pontifical right founded in Paris in 1824. Therefore, according to ecclesiastical law, it falls under the responsibility of neither the Bishop of Paris nor the Bishops’ Conference of France.”

In other words, responsibility emanates directly from your services at the Vatican. As the Catholic Church operates on the hierarchical principle of authority, the International Association of Free Thought asks you to demand that the Congregation of Bon Secours open its archives in order to help the legal authorities to determine who exactly must be held accountable for this tragedy.

Be sure of our deep commitment to the establishment of human justice.

Christian Eyschen, for the AILP

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